Free Backgrounds: Terms of Use

All backgrounds are free for personal use ONLY. They are only to be used as blog backgrounds and are not to be sold
in anyway.
You may not use a background and claim it as your own work! I hope you enjoy, if you would like something
designed for commercial
use or if you have any questions, email me at

I love making free backgrounds, so if you ever have any suggestions of backgrounds that you would like me to try, please email me and I
would love to design something for you. Also be so kind as to leave comments or to click on you "reaction" below each background, this
really helps me to make backgrounds that people like! Thanks for visiting, please tell your friends!

Crafter's Dream

To Add "Crafter's Dream" as your free blog background, copy and paste the following text into an HTML Gadget on your sidebar:



Vanessa said...

Please fix your website. The complete Java script is omitted on most everything for The Crafter's Dreams. Nothing will upload.Your new hearts has all the data, but most of the other backgrounds and accessories are missing. I love the design and want to use it for my blogspot.

Hope you can help, they are so beautiful.

Also your sewing button has the Java script for everyone loves comments!



Carolynn said...

I checked the code on this background and it seems to be working fine, if you or anyone else are still having problems, just email me:, also check out my tutorial on how to change your background to make sure you are putting it on your site properly:

I also fixed the accessories that weren't linked properly.

Thanks!! ~Carolynn

Vanessa said...

I have done everything you said, it appears you are still missing code on this. I had to upload the pink dots instead. I really wanted this one, but you ARE missing code.

Please try again to fix the errors!

Thanks so much.


maria said...

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